Prema is the envy of many a metropolitan venue

Prema is a family friendly Arts Centre, promoting performance, live music and art exhibitions as well as accessible workshops, classes and creative experiences for kids and adults.

Prema, near Dursley in the Stroud valleys, offers an affordable day out for all folk in the South West.

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Sat 10

klezmer folk world music dance


£12/£9(c) • Friends £10/£8(c) • On door £15

This Leeds-based quintet has coined the expression ElectroKlezmer to describe its sound. Tantz’s energetic arrangements are based on ‘whiplash rhythms’ with arresting bass and drums that could almost displace the virtuoso clarinet and violin melodies if they weren't played so darned well!

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Sun 11
3pm - 6pm

landscape digital photography masterclass walking

Landscape Photography

£30/£27(c) • Friends £28/£25(c)

Here’s the first in a new series of masterclasses with acclaimed photographer Rupert Russell. We'll delve deep into your cameras functions so we can get the best out of what your technology has to offer. Each masterclass will focus on a different subject, this season it’s landscape. Bring your kit and some comfortable shoes ready for a twilight stroll and some epic picture taking!

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Mon 19
7pm - 9pm

upcycling toys sock creature

Girls Night Out - Sock Creatures

Per person per session £15

We heard your calls to get her back. So here’s a super treat to make an amazing new character with the help of inventive illustrator Imogen Harvey-Lewis. Discover the secret art of sock creature making and create your very own.

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Fri 23

puppet theatre Western piano live animation

Croon Productions in Spaghetti

£12/£9(c) • Friends £10/£8(c) • Family £27/ • Friends £24

The man with no name moseys into town against a backdrop of tumbleweed and the murmur of the cottonwood trees. With a sudden explosion of dynamite, the action begins through which the good guy is framed by the baddie, the bell tolls, the coffin maker is uncommonly busy and our hero (the man with no name) is frogmarched to the jailhouse. Meanwhile, the noose sways in the wind while the pianner-player keeps on a-playin’ … Justice is best delivered with a cigar on your lip and a gun on your hip!

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