Prema is the envy of many a metropolitan venue

Prema is a family friendly Arts Centre, promoting performance, live music and art exhibitions as well as accessible workshops, classes and creative experiences for kids and adults.

Prema, near Dursley in the Stroud valleys, offers an affordable day out for all folk in the South West.

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27 Apr -
28 Jun

inky illustration drawing print doodle installation

Cornish Beard Designs

Free entry

Cornish Beard Designs will be drawing straight onto the walls to create intricate, impermanent frames for the myriad objects, household items, whimsies and highly ornate and re-appropriated found objects - a powerful characteristic of Ros & Simon’s work. Their installation contains handmade prints, chopping boards as well as a delicious sense of playful chaos, imaginative and terribly polite graffiti as well as providing much inspiration and entertainment for every visitor to the gallery.

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27 Apr -
28 Jun

illustraton nostalgia print colour

Alys Paterson

Free entry

Alys’s artwork is hand-drawn and painted; her style is often intricately detailed and eye-poppingly bright. Her favourite mediums are gouache paint, screen-printing and the good old ‘dip in’ pen.

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27 Apr -
28 Jun

ceramic vessel repeat design style

Ruth Harrison

Free entry

Ruth uses porcelain to create sculptural forms to which she applies repeated elements – perhaps highlighting a strip or section of the piece using colour or introducing texture and pattern. Each one of her ceramic pieces is handmade, the artist cutting each disc which is then scored, slipped and individually attached to the slip-cast cylinder.

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29 Apr -
24 Jun
10:30am - 11:45am

fitness agility well-being yoga relaxation

Daytime Yoga

£56/£53(c) • Friends £54/£51(c)

Rejuvenate, relax and revitalise with Yogasara in our Wednesday morning session. In our 8-week daytime course we’ll be working with mindfulness of breath and movement to help cultivate a deep and delicious relaxation.

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5 May -
16 Jun
4:30pm - 6pm

drawing illustration mark-making confidence

Drawing Factory

£54 • Friends £52

Ages 10+ Drawing Factory forges on into the summer with bags of new ideas and drawing challenges. We’re limiting numbers this time to give our dedicated young artists more time with splendidly creative artist Imogen Harvey-Lewis. 6 week course

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