Prema is the envy of many a metropolitan venue

Prema is a family friendly Arts Centre, promoting performance, live music and art exhibitions as well as accessible workshops, classes and creative experiences for kids and adults.

Prema, near Dursley in the Stroud valleys, offers an affordable day out for all folk in the South West.

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7 May -
18 Jun
3:45pm - 4:45pm

dance fun energetic no-pressure

Dance Factory

£33 • Friends £31

Ages 5-7 There’s no exam and no pressure to reach a certain level, just boundless enthusiasm and encouragement and an introduction to different dance and music styles. 6 week course

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Sat 9
10am - 4pm

willow sculpture functional hazel dogwood
Lunch Deal

Garden Structures

£45/£42(c) • Friends £43/£40(c) • Full £45/£42(c) • Friends £43/£40(c) • Lunch £6.50

This one day workshop with wonderful willow sculptor Helen Lomberg will furnish you with the skills and materials needed to create some fabulous and incredibly useful structures for the garden.

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Sun 10
10am - 5pm

mark-making drawing sketchbook artist
Lunch Deal

Sketchbook Series - Line

£55/£52(c) • Friends £53/£50(c) • Lunch £6.50

This is a real masterclass in mark making and creative thinking and is the perfect fuel for beginners and established artists alike. For this first foray the focus will be on the arresting and expressive qualities of black-and-white line in all its rich variety, using a series of imaginative projects based on observation, memory and imagination.

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Sat 16
10am - 5pm

green wood whittling spoon wood carving
Lunch Deal

Spoon Carving

£48/£45(c) • Friends £46/£43(c) • Lunch £6.50

What better way to spend a day than whittling some freshly cut green wood into an exquisite hand carved spoon? Well, add that illustrator Simon Mills is running the workshop and things get even more interesting.

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Sun 17
10am - 4pm

family puppet shadow object manipulation

Prema Puppet Lab

£40 • Friends £38

A fabulous creative one-day workshop in puppet making and manipulation for the whole family. Join acclaimed puppeteer and puppet maker Isabel Lyster and explore various forms of puppetry, on this crash course through hand puppets, table top puppets, shadow, and object manipulation.

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