A Day of Weaving

Fri 8 July 10am - 4pm

£58/£55(c) • Friends £56/£53(c)

Enjoy a fun filled day creating your very own decorative weaving. Following a brief introduction from passionate textile artist Rebecca Connolly we’ll be set to get weaving!  

Everyone will have their own loom that will be set up and ready to go, allowing you with as much time as possible for weaving.

The easy-to-use body-tensioned loom incorporates a rigid heddle which raises half the warp threads then the other half - your sample will grow quickly as you pass the weft thread through the opening (called the shed!)

Rebecca guides you through the basics of weave technique and pattern design; transferable skills relevant to all types and sizes of weaving looms.

You will be encouraged to experiment using a wide range of yarns with a bias towards British Wool in its un-dyed natural colour and plant-dyed colour as used in Rebecca’s own practice. Designing and making warps, threading and tensioning are demonstrated with the opportunity for students to setup a loom themselves.

The weaving you create is yours to take home - to enjoy as a hanging, to embellish a garment, trim a cushion or with some simple stitching made into something ‘useful’.

Enjoy a creative, meditative day embracing the concept of ‘Slow Textiles’.


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