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Book Group - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Wed 3 November 7pm - 8:30pm

Free entry

Join our very own Harley Philogene to take old and modern classics and bringing them into a new social realm.  Enjoy classic literature in a warm, friendly space, sharing your perspective with new friends.  We’ll read short novels and stories, no longer than 420 pages, a manageable pace for time poor readers.  Whether you’ve got a lot or little to say, join us each month to hear other insights and share your thoughts. For seasoned readers and those new to classic novels.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein proffers terrifying vision of scientific progress without moral limits, leading the reader on an unsettling journey from the sublime beauty of the Swiss alps to the desolate waste of the arctic circle. Obsessed with the idea of creating life itself, Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material with which to fashion a new being, shocking his creation to life with electricity. But this botched creature, rejected by its creator and denied human companionship, sets out to destroy Frankenstein and all that he holds dear. (280 pages)

classic texts friendly group informal discussion loads to say little to say