Clare Gadsby

3 Nov - 11 Dec

Free entry

Clare Gadsby started taking photographs in 2015, at which point she couldn’t tell an aperture from a shutter speed from an f-stop. Two adult ed courses and countless numbers of photographs later, she still takes her camera everywhere, and likes nothing more than to be out shooting landscapes, flowers and abstracts, or setting up still-life images in her studio. She’s also come to love Photoshop, where she creates conceptual images along a variety of themes. Ideas often come to her as she’s falling asleep, or just waking up, or at 4am, so a notebook by the bed is essential.

Lockdown really concentrated the mind and Clare started to listen more to what she was thinking and feeling, and tried to find ways for these elements to inform her work. She made pictures exploring the themes of isolation, confinement, uncertainty and the question 'where am I headed?'

Clare is a member of Junction 12 art and regularly exhibits her work with them.


photography composite digital manipulation surreal still life landscape