Dala Horse Wood Carving

6 Nov - 7 Nov 10am - 4pm

£78/£75(c) • Friends £76/£73(c)

These exquisite little Swedish chunky horses are a great introduction to woodcarving. Their bold shapes can be created with very simple tools and the stylisation makes it easy for everyone to achieve a really brilliant completed Dala horse, even without any previous carving experience. Over the two days of our course Patrick Brown teaches you to use an axe and whittle with a traditional Swedish slojd, or handiwork knife. You will also use a frame saw as you transform your rough wooden blank into a neat horse silhouette, before rounding and softening the forms. You will be able to choose the right whittling cut to safely shape the piece, taking slivers of wood away to reveal the final form.  Time permitting, you will be able to decorate your horse with the traditional kurbits style painted motifs. We will also have time for plenty of discussion around tools, sharpening, and a host of other woody topics!

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