Finding Your Breath

Sun 4 October 2pm - 4pm

£17/£15(c) • Friends £16/£14(c)
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Our breath is the most direct mirror we have of how we are feeling. Many of us are finding our breath reflecting the uncertainties of the current times. If we have been ill, our breathing may have been directly affected. If we are afraid, this is reflected in our breath. We are spending much of our day with a breath that is short, held, tight, difficult. Today's workshop will help you rediscover how to breathe deeply, helping calm the mind and body and assisting with recovery from any respiratory ailments.

Join Catherine Forrester for this group exploration of the connections between our breath and our state of mind. We will learn how to gently observe the breath, and learn simple tools and practices to help our nervous systems return to a place of more balance - a place where the breath naturally becomes freer, easier, and happier.

Equipment: please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie down on, two additional blankets (or one large towel and one blanket) and two bed pillows. We will spend much of the workshop sitting or lying down so please make sure to bring enough layers to stay warm and cosy.

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