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Sat 24 February 7:30pm

£14/£11(c) • Friends £12/£9(c)
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It is often said that there is a dark side to folk music that is hidden in back alleys and backwaters. It revels in not caring about what is fashionable but instead treads a path that follows unexplored senses. It embraces the powerful possibilities of rhythms and sounds to merge and build, inducing trance-like and hypnotic effects in those who hear it. Fishclaw exists within this realm!

Fishclaw is a band of highly skilled musicians who have assembled from South Suffolk and North Essex, calling Colchester their home town. Each having previously worked in different genres from folk, rock, hip hop, jazz to blues and electronic music the combination of each member bringing their own approach and perspective to the mix to create a strikingly original sound.

From dark soundscapes to seriously hi-tempo tunes, Fishclaw creates music that, whilst folk at its core, isn't afraid to move into whatever genre the band chooses at any given moment.

Fishclaw - a joy to behold - their music sucks you in and makes anything else you are doing irrelevant.”
- Richard Haugh from the BBC

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