Folk Art Decorations

Sat 24 February 10am - 1pm

£45/£42(c) • Friends £43/£40(c)
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Join our fabulous resident artist and brilliantly talented signwriter Eleanor Harper in her morning workshop, learning how to hand-paint your own Folk Art decoration. We’ll be using traditional Scandi-inspired folk art as a focus for our painting and decorations, using signwriters enamels and a fine brush (beware, those enamel paints can be pretty whiffy so if you’re prone to breathing problems or have a particularly sensitive snout, think on!). A rare and awesome introduction to sign writing without the pressure of mastering scripts. Ideal for all levels of painting but we’d suggest that you’ll probably need a fairly steady hand. All materials provided – you’ll be leaving the session with a beautiful bespoke folk-art decoration, designed and painted by you!

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Traditional Folk Art Signwriting Signpainting