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Prema is a family friendly Arts Centre, promoting performance, live music and art exhibitions as well as accessible workshops, classes and creative experiences for kids and adults.

Prema, near Dursley in the Stroud valleys, offers an affordable day out for all folk in the South West.

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Learning an Instrument

Page Content Images/Piano GutsPrema's private music suite is the perfect place to learn an instrument. A quiet room that's tucked out of the way, you'll never need to be self-conscious about making the odd blunder as you play. To find out more or to book an initial lesson, call Gordon on 01453 860703 and we'll get the ball rolling for you!

Piano Workshop
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 5pm
£20 per hour, £10 per half hour
Musician Gordon Scott teaches both classical and rock & pop piano. So whether you're a complete novice or fancy trying out a new style then here's your chance to get you tinkling those ivories like a pro. Ideal for players of all standards - the emphasis here is on fun and trying out all sorts of new musical styles as well as establishing a solid technique for playing and reading music.

Studying towards a Grade
We are accustomed to helping students work towards securing a grade (usually ABRSM examinations). Remember that learning an instrument should be about fun and musicianship but grades can be a great way of consolidating your learning and (in some instances) can help towards GCSE and/or A-level examinations.



Creative You

Page Content Images/creative youAre you stuck in a creative rut? Not sure where your work is going or how to move your creative practice to the next level? These 1:1 sessions with our very own education officer and artist Abby Conway provide a great opportunity to help you positively direct your work and channel your creativity.

What's on offer
Creative Assignments: bespoke one-off briefs or weekly assignments to get you making and doing and not procrastinating!

Feedback: constructive criticism and discussion to help direct work, develop skills and explore new pathways both conceptually and practically.

Portfolio Surgery: a portfolio spring clean or reorganisation. Help with planning for interviews or securing commissions. The ideal session for those hoping to study an art foundation course but also suited for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Advice: General advice and support to help you develop and extend your portfolio and expand your budding, creative entrepreneurial business.

Sessions start at £35 per hour and take place here at Prema. Call Abby on 01453 860703 to talk further or email her at abby@prema.org.uk


Seriously Gifted

Our brilliant resident artist and illustrator Imogen Harvey-Lewis offers individual tuition for young people who have a keen interest or particular talent for art and who want to take their creative skills much further. Rather like learning to play music, Imogen offers bespoke lessons that are tailor-made for each student, encouraging and developing interest and ability through exercises given to pursue/practise at home.

Page Content Images/SeriouslyGiftedWhat's on offer
Drawing Skills: explore a variety of materials and techniques. Learn how to achieve a range of effects that will enrich and diversify your existing skills.
Illustration: learn to communicate through your art. How to say what it is you are trying to say. Work towards the development of your own style. Looking for clarity and consistency through exploration.
Graphic Art: enjoy a tour of techniques and methods widely used in the graphic art world from traditional crosshatching to the contemporary graphic novel.
Paper Animation: put your drawings to work in a series of simple exercises to bring the 2D into the realm of the 3D, to make your drawings move, and adapt your skills off the page.
Art History: learn by looking. Take a good look at a range of artists and their drawing and design techniques. Understand their basic principles by putting them into practice yourself.
Jump StArt: perfect for the terrified artist. A gentle introduction to the principles of drawing along with some simple, achievable drawing exercises will help you to gain confidence by the minute. No longer will you need to say 'I can't draw to save my life'.

These private lessons are offered at an hourly rate for individuals. Alternatively, the price can be shared by up to a maximum of three people, working together as a small group. Lessons are priced at £25 per hour - this does not include materials. Students will be advised of materials to invest in; alternatively these can be purchased from the tutor. For more information or to book an initial lesson, call Prema on 01453 860703