Glorious Landscapes with a Limited Colour Palette

Sat 28 May 10am - 4pm

£70/£67(c) • Friends £68/£65(c)

Join landscape artist Guy Warner for today’s workshop, taking place amongst his beautiful exhibition in Prema’s gallery, to explore the use of colour in landscape painting to produce an acrylic-on-canvas painting.

Working from photographs, Guy will teach you to look at composition and explore how to simplify shapes in the landscape for greater visual impact, making a drawing which we can then convert into a painting.

You will be focusing on basic colour theory, investigating the way colours affect each other’s properties and appearance when used together and how a restricted palette can produce a dramatic result.

This will inform the final painting which will be painted in acrylics on a 20 inch square canvas.   

Landscape Painting Colour Dramatic Visual