Haunted House

Sat 30 October 10am - 12pm

£22 • 1 Adult plus 1 Child (Friends) £20
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Our incredibly talented resident artist Hannah Dyson hosts today's spooktacular event!  Bring your family and build the haunted house of your nightmares. Mwha ha ha ha ha.

Using recycled cardboard, poster paints and other spookalisciously fun materials you will spend a wonderful few hours creating a totally original invention.

This morning’s workshop is ideal for one adult working with one child so that you can share ideas, drawing, design and a whole host of terrifying ephemera with which to really spook-up your shadow box to celebrate the eve of all hallowed saints.

We reckon this workshop is just perfect across the generations - maybe you’re lucky enough to have a grandchild with an active mind and full of creative ideas but just as awesome for a parent and child.

Suitable for young folks over the age of 7. Price is for one adult + one child working together.

Don’t dally - this is sure to be super popular!

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