Jessie James - Studio Tuft

12 Jan - 19 Feb 9am - 4pm

Free entry

Rug maker Jessie James leads Studio Tuft in The Cotswolds. With an assured hand she explore the hinterland between art and craft, pouring an infectious, vital energy into designing and fabricating bold and beautiful rugs. 

It starts with wool. Digging for diamonds in the rough is part of Jessie’s quest to source the finest yarns while rescuing dead stock from landfill. Sustainability is in the very fabric of Studio Tuft’s practices; this ethos rewards us with a rich and lively palette for rugs that feel lusciously opulent underfoot. 

Taking cues form mid-century design, Jessie weaves a Bauhaus thread through her free-form patterns that take shape in an organic process. Observations from the world around are reimagined as Jessie feels her way with colour and tufts them into being; the result in a handmade rug of exceptional quality that takes its place at the intersection of artefact, ornament and function.

Jessie studied Fine art Drawing at Cambewell College of Arts and is a self taught Tufter. 

bold colourful rugs cafe gallery hand tufted