Kath Williams

21 Feb - 28 Mar

Free entry

Stroud-based Kath Williams is an artist, jeweller, and teacher. Like many, she finds great solace in the natural world. Her work is inspired by the ebbs, flows, light, and space found in nature. Forever an optimist, Kath can often be found searching for answers and inspiration from nature; she’s forever in awe of the sky, the sea and local landscape and can happily while away the hours just gazing at the ever-shifting light. She seeks to capture something of the magic of nature across a range of media including oil, acrylic, watercolour, and vitreous enamel.

A number of times, Kath has been lucky enough to experience the sheer magic of a starling murmuration and has felt compelled to try to capture the sense of escapism and peace evoked by these spellbinding experiences. Watercolour felt like the obvious choice of medium as the forms the paint takes as it flows across the paper are not dissimilar to the movements in the murmuration itself. Kath now make annual visits to the Somerset Levels to observe the starlings and create paintings inspired by my experiences.

Kath’s exhibition is dedicated to her Grandad - Dave Williams (1927—2021) - who was a great inspiration. Some of Kath’s fondest childhood memories are of learning to paint with Grandad, a wonderful artist and keen birdwatcher. With the painting of every murmuration, Kath rekindles that warm and lovely connection to her early inspiration, Grandad Dave.


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