Lampshade Rebellion

8 Nov - 16 Dec

Free entry

Artist Emily Johnson is the creative force behind Lampshade Rebellion, where she transforms old frames into flamboyant, maximal lampshades through the art of upcycling. A graduate of Nottingham Trent University in Fashion Design, Emily's passion for fabric is evident in her unique and eye-catching creations.

Working from a cozy studio at Victoria Works in Chalford, Emily shares her creative space with Lizzie Mabley Fabric and Home. Although her full-time job as a driving instructor pays the bills, it's in her spare time that she unleashes her artistic talents on exquisite and highly desirable lampshades.

Inspiration strikes Emily from various sources - her travels abroad or countryside walks around her home in Cirencester with her husband and beloved dog, Arnold. This journey into lampshade-making began when redecorating a spare room; unable to find the perfect shade, Emily built one herself and has not looked back since!

Driven by a passion for sharing her skills, Emily eagerly anticipates launching workshops in the near future. What this space!

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