Weekly Classes

Lino Shorts in Colour (Thursday)

Thu 7pm - 8pm Starts 22 April

£45/£42(c) • Friends £43/£41(c)

The brilliant Beth Jenkins is back with this online Lino Print course exploring printing in colour taking place over Zoom. This 5 week course is perfect if you have has done some previous linocutting and would like to increase you knowledge of techniques.  Each week will build on the next and at the end of the 5 weeks, you’ll have a good understanding of how to create multi block prints and how to incorporate other techniques into your work.


All the printing will be done by hand, so no press required.  You’ll be working exclusively on A6 lino in the sessions, although you are welcome work on larger pieces outside the sessions and Beth will be on hand for any advice you might need. (Tutorial support will be available via email in between sessions for any students who would like it).


So if you’re interested to expand your lino print skills or begin bring colour into yoru prints this is the perfect place to start with expertise from Beth and a supportive virtual group of fellow printers.

Bookings close on Thursday 17th April to allow time for materials to be posted to you (please include your home address in the notes when booking).



Materials needed

All lino, paper and sundries needed will be provided and sent out to you in the post.

You will need to supply cutting tools,  a roller and a selection of ink, including red, blue and yellow, black and white.

If you already have coloured relief printing inks, water or oil based, these will be fine for the course.

If you are buying coloured inks specially for the course, a good choice is Schmincke College lino inks.  They are sold at many art shops.

If you have acrylic paints, you can buy System 3 Block printing medium for acrylics, which you mix 1:1 with your paints to make printing ink.  There is a similar product for oil paints called Georgian block printing medium for oils.  Both will turn up on google searches at various online art shops. 


If you are having any difficulties getting inks, we can help, just get in touch.


  • In addition you will need something to roll ink out on, and something to mix ink on.  This could be tiles, sheets of glass, shiny card, acrylic or plastic.
  • Palette knives or credit cards cut into sections
  • A damp cloth
  • A sturdy surface to work on and something to protect it, in good light
  • Scissors and craft knife/scalpel
  • Cutting mat or thick card to protect the table
  • Pencil and fine permanent marker or biro


Week by Week


Jigsaw lino & registration – Learn how to make a simple colour print using just one block.


Coloured backgrounds 1 – How to add coloured backgrounds to your existing prints using graduated inking.


Coloured backgrounds 2 – Add monoprinted colour backgrounds to your prints to add atmosphere and drama.  Additional registration techniques.


Adding a second block -  Using two blocks to create a more complex print.  Learning the offset method of transferring an image to lino.


Adding chine colle and stamped elements. –  Explore different approaches to making a print using collage and stamps.