Mini Paper Corsets

Sat 12 February 10am - 4pm

£38/£35(c) • Friends £36/£33(c)
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We’re delighted to introduce you to textile artist Corinne Hockley. In today’s workshop, Corinne will be helping you to create beautiful and nostalgic artworks which incorporate your old, discarded treasures. During today’s workshop Corinne will be showing you how to create a decorative mini paper corset. Working with paper and card you’ll learn how to construct a complete mini corset based on a historical pattern (don’t panic; there’s no stitching required!)  You’ll then be exploring unusual, individual and dynamic ways to embellish and decorate the corsets. Basic materials will be provided but please feel free to bring along any paper you would like to work with (for example old letters, a favourite wrapping paper, or pages from a well-loved, discarded book). Please also bring any treasured mementos or trinkets you would like to incorporate for embellishment, such as buttons, an old rings or fancy keys.

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