Needle Felted Bat

Tue 19 October 6:30pm - 9pm

£28/£25(c) • Friends £26/£23(c)

Join us for a fantastically spooky evening of felted fabulousness!  Meet Sam Hines, an incredible needle-felter as well as formidable stop motion animator!  In his Tuesday evening workshop, Sam will help you to create the perfect Hallowe’en friend using just wool roving and a barbed needle (to agitate and mesh the fibres of the wool). Learn how to construct a wire armature, build a body out of wool, cut out fabric bat wings, create texture and add some extra details. Perfect for a spooky (in an adorbs, lovable kinda way) present or to jazz up your house Hallowe’en celebrations and decs. Either way, don’t delay – book your place today.