Portraiture Drawing

Sat 12 June 10am - 4pm

£40/£37(c) • Friends £38/£35(c)
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The first of two remarkable workshops this weekend with portrait artist George Thomas as he shares his process to draw a portrait from life using charcoal and chalk on toned paper. In this workshop learn how to draw the proportions of the head and quickly capture an accurate likeness of the model. George will also teach how to create a 3D lifelike appearance to your drawing through an understanding of the classical order of light and through a technical understanding of shadow tones, mid-tones, light-tones and highlights and how best to render these using the medium of charcoal and chalk. Suitable for beginners and experienced drawers and all materials are included. This Saturday workshop is also the perfect introduction to the techniques required to paint the portrait in oils on Sunday’s workshop if you fancy making a weekend of it!

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