Russell Haines

29 Jun - 27 Aug

Free entry

"Most of my life has been spent not being an artist.

At 44 I suffered a brain stem stroke that severely changed my life in every way.

During the next couple of years, I was made bankrupt, lost my house and work, and split from my partner. It took me the best part of 3 years to recover to the point I am now, but I still suffer with physical and mental health problems that make life challenging.

I began painting through Artlift after being prescribed a course by my GP and I have not stopped painting since. It helps me. Physically and mentally.

It helps me make sense of the world around me and my place in it. It helps with my depression, my ADHD, and my OCD. It helps by giving me a purpose. It has helped me find out who and what I am 

I never thought I would paint; I don’t come from an artistic background, and I probably am a little embarrassed by what I do. But I really can’t do anything else now. So I won't!"

For his show with Prema, Glouceter-based artist Russell Haines looks back at the past ten years and his development and growth as a painter. His self-portraits run in parallel to his recovery and form a large part of this exhibition. But we also gain a glimpse into his exasperation with the political picture in the UK and across the globe as well as his playful, piss-taking nature which employs street art as a mouthpiece for his frustrations, using familiar faces from the animation characters from the stable of Hanna Barbera!

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