Seasonal Collage

Sat 29 June 10am - 4pm

£60/£57(c) • Friends £58/£55(c)
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Join us for a marvelous one-day workshop with artist Rebecca Loweth to create summer landscapes in collage. With the idea of ‘make and remake’ at the heart of the workshop, Rebecca guides us through the varied approaches and techniques of collage. Exploring composition, colour, texture, layering, selection, and blending of imagery. Today’s workshop allows us to work instinctively, using new-found techniques to quickly build confidence to really optimize the dynamic potential of collage.

The workshop is equally appropriate for people trying collage (or indeed art) for the first time as well as those wanting to explore a new creative discipline to broaden their portfolio of creative skills to feed into their existing art practice.

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Collage Textre Layering Remake