Weekly Classes

Sketch Sculpt Squish - A Crash Course in Creativity

Wed 7pm - 8:30pm Starts 29 January

£58/£55(c) • Friends £56/£53(c)

When young, we pretty much all had the confidence and imagination to create and explore our visual language. But for many of us it becomes lost, criticised or hidden away or discouraged as we become older. Now's the time to rediscover that joy of making and creating in a safe and playful space with artist Jessy Plant. Jessy's support and enthusiasm will make every session the perfect place to discover what you enjoy in this six-week crash course. Tap into that creativity, welcome abstraction and find fun in playing with materials, colours and shapes. If you?ve ever been scared to sign up for an art class, have lost confidence or want to rekindle your creative voice then this is the place to start fresh, taking it one step at a time.

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