Smart Photos

Sat 19 February 10am - 4pm

£60/£57(c) • Friends £58/£55(c)
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Saturday 19 Feb 10am until 4pm (in person, at Prema) AND Saturday 26 Feb 10am until 1pm (via Zoom)

These days, most of us are carrying around a brilliantly sophisticated computer, a hugely impressive camera and the ability to take and edit the most remarkable photographs. And yet so many of us just point and click, scared to play around with the settings and effects.

Well, today’s where we demystify the magic of your smart phone and its camera so that you can capture the very best photos for your own enjoyment or to share across Instagram (and others).

Lens artist Nigel Goldsmith leads our Saturday workshop which will take your passion for photography several steps further through exploring composition, exposure, lighting, and how best to photograph your subject. We’ll also be experimenting with panorama, video, audio capture as well as slow motion and time-lapse techniques.

Our two-part workshop will take place here at Prema (19th Feb from 10am until 4pm) followed by a morning zoom session (on the 26th Feb from 10am unitil 1pm) in which you’ll be sharing and learning to edit your images on your smartphone using free or super-cheap phone apps. 

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