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Sonia Sabri Company in Roshni

Sat 9 March 7:30pm

£12/£9(c) • Friends £10/£7(c) • Family £24/£20(c)
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Roshni (from the Persian word meaning light or brilliance) is an intimate crafting of dance and live music, made up of three distinctive and engaging dance pieces: The Call, The Light and The Wave which explore the highs and lows of life today. The audience are taken on an emotional journey, through wordless storytelling, eclectic music, percussive dance and upbeat audience interaction, Roshni is both deeply moving and gloriously entertaining.

Just as improvisation is the heartbeat of jazz, improvisation is considered a core part of a solo Kathak dance performance – consequently no performance of Roshni is the same! It is the perfect first introduction to those who have never experienced South Asian dance and something quite different for connoisseurs. Roshni beautifully demonstrates the connection between music and dance.

Roshni brings together Sonia Sabri's distinctive style of dance, rooted in the traditions of Kathak from Northern India, yet reimagined in the context of her lived British experience, with diverse musical genres and artists, ranging from South Asia, Middle East and Europe, celebrating the rich diversity of our global community.

Kathak is a striking movement language of virtuosic foot percussion, rapid spins, geometrical patterns, with poignant mime and gesture, all intricately woven with the live music.

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