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Suntou Susso

Sat 16 March 7:30pm

£14/£11(c) • Friends £12/£9(c)
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Suntou Susso is a multi-instrumentalist: kora player, percussionist, singer and composer from The Gambia. Born a Griot in the 700-year old tradition of the kora - a harp-lute with 22 strings unique to the Mandinka people. As part of this incredible musical tradition Suntou has a unique societal role as oral historian whilst transmitting and preserving a people's culture through the generations in song, music and poetry. 

Suntou's family includes some of the world's most highly respected West African musicians. His musical abilities are outstanding, perhaps unique for his generation. An in-demand and charismatic performer, he has garnererd much attention throughout from the moment he arrived on the UK's music scene. 

Suntou joins us this evening for a solo show - the same show which has dazzled audiences at The Nest Collective Campfire Club, Greenbelt Festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival and Sofar Sounds.

'Extraordinary…enjoyable…mesmerised by the shimmering sounds'

A real and rare musical treat for all world music lovers. Be sure to book good and early!

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