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The Irish House Party

Thu 16 May 7:30pm

£20/£17(c) • Friends £18/£15(c)
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The renowned Irish music and dance show, The Irish House Party, comes to Prema for a rare and splendid Thursday evening music-and-dance extravaganza. Their captivating show transports audiences to the very heart of Ireland, offering a unique blend of traditional Irish music, dance, and just a smidgeon of comedy.

An Irish music show that has come out of Ireland without the clichés that so often follow! Here we have are flat caps or period costumes here. Instead, you’ll get nothing but incredibly talented musicians and dancers who simply deliver the sound and fun of Ireland in an intimate and comfortable setting.

The origins of a traditional Irish house party have strong resonances with the UK. Declan Quinn (one of the founders of the show) explains “It was originally associated with people emigrating from Ireland to the UK, Canada, America and Australia. These leaving parties were often referred to as ‘wakes’ because it would be years before many of these people would return to Ireland if ever. Neighbours and friends would gather in the house the night before the departure. Tunes would be played, songs would be sung and dances danced on the stone kitchen floor. These parties were great fun and this coming together and sharing of the music, song and dance has been a major reason why the music tradition has survived so strongly in Ireland.”

The live music, Irish dancing has a captivating immediacy and the banter warm and infectious. The show itself features ‘All Ireland’ champion performers, combining a unique blend of light-hearted audience interaction with captivating stories about the music and the instruments.

The original show was set up in Dublin by a group of musicians who wanted visitors to the city to experience what a real Irish house party is like. Don’t miss tonight’s performative pyrotechnics - from the lightning-fast footwork of the dancers to the infectious energy and humour of the musicians, tonight’s show promises the most wonderful night out. Book good and early to avoid missing your tickets!

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