Visible Darning

Sun 6 February 11am - 4pm

£30/£27(c) • Friends £28/£25(c)
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Have you grown weary of fast fashion and trying to find a way to be more sustainable with your clothing choices? Well so are we! The most sustainable clothing is the items you already have in your wardrobe and extending their life is the most eco thing we can do. So, now is the time to learn how to darn and to wear your mends with pride. During today’s workshop Katy Bevan will teach you all about visible mending, more akin to embroidery and embellishment that will make your favourite clothing even more bespoke and even more crucially, save it from landfill! Taking inspiration from the UK edition of the cult darning book by Hikaru Noguchi who has become a guru of visible darning in Japan, Katy guides us through all the techniques step-by-step with methods that are easy to follow, even for non-sewers. You’ll be looking at seed stitch, square darning, reversible and English darns, accordion and appliqué  darning as well as patching and decorative stitches. Bring your sweaters, shirts, denims or tablecloths, whatever is in your mending pile and we will find the right method to mend it with style, giving it a dynamic new lease of life! All materials will be supplied and available to buy to take away with you to carry your days of darning to your hearts content.

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