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Prema is a family friendly Arts Centre, promoting performance, live music and art exhibitions as well as accessible workshops, classes and creative experiences for kids and adults.

Prema, near Dursley in the Stroud valleys, offers an affordable day out for all folk in the South West.

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Here's a mix of everything in the programme for kids only. We've weekly classes for those wanting a regular dose of creative inspiration and some one-off workshops not to be missed. There's a mix for children aged 6 to 16. If you're over 16 you can come on any of our workshops for adults.


26 Apr -
5 Jul
3:45pm - 4:30pm

kids dance fun energetic exploration musicality

Creative Ballet

£62 • Friends £60

Learn the core foundations of ballet without the pressures and confinements of grades. Our brilliant inventive dance teacher Keziah Benbow adds a fresh and modern twist to the traditional disciplines of classical ballet and adds a bang-up-to-date soundtrack to inspire the most daring steps and routines. Kez teaches a range of explorative dance exercises which improve co-ordination, flexibility and musicality before moving on to embed their newly-honed skills into fantastically choreographed routines. This fun and energetic class provides the perfect stage for new dancers to learn how to express themselves through dance and is suitable for ages 6-10.

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26 Apr -
5 Jul
4:45pm - 5:30pm

freedom interpretation emotive dance music movement

Kids Contemporary Dance

£62 • Friends £60

Super-talented dance teacher Keziah Benbow leads our awesome contemporary dance course. This expressive art form incorporates a variety of dance styles from a range of disciplines from world to folk to street and promises to improve strength and flexibility as well as developing a greater sense of freedom for the interpretation of emotion. Kez encourages choreographic inventiveness as she takes you through a number of versatile exercises which bring fluidity and freedom to movement. Why not book in tandem with our Kids Creative Ballet class for a whole afternoon of dancing, or book as a stand alone course if you’re after something a shade more improvised. Suitable for ages 6-10.

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Wed 30
10am - 3pm

cooking for kids Pinocchio eat and make no need for lunch

Little Italy

£28 • Friends £26

In the first half of the day you’ll be sitting down with chef Erin Baker from the Natural Cookery School to learn a thing or two about Italian cuisine. You will be making fresh pasta dough and playing around with a variety of shapes and flavours before sitting down to a delicious dish of tagliatelle and tomato sauce. After getting creative in the kitchen you will be joined by our lovely resident artist Hannah Dyson to create your very own split pin marionettes from the classic Italian folk tale Pinocchio! For ages 7+

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Thu 31
10am - 12pm

design mosaic holiday workshop 6-9 years

Mosaic - From Sea to Sky

£22 • Friends £20

Make a colourful creepy-crawly from broken cups and crockery! Our wonderfully exuberant resident artist Emma Leith is here to share some mosaic magic as you learn to make dazzling dolphins from the deep blue sea and beautiful birds from the sky above. This workshop is the perfect for creative youngsters aged 6-9 who want to give mosaic a go, no previous experience required.

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6 Jun -
27 Jun
4:30pm - 5:30pm

draw print collage make create invent imagination

Wednesday Art Club

£32 • Friends £30

Join our endlessly inventive resident artist Hannah Dyson for this 4 week exploration into the wonderful world of drawing and making! These sessions are ideal for mini-Monets in the making who would benefit from a creative space which allows them to develop their artistic skills and their own creative “voice”. Explore a wide variety of mixed media techniques including drawing, printmaking and collage, you can even try your hand at making miniature books to fill with visual stories. This fun and friendly weekly class is the perfect place for creative youngsters with artistic promise to really flourish, with heaps of nifty tips and tricks from Hannah to help them out along the way.

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Sat 16
10am - 11am

fun acrobatics movement self-defence age 7+

Capoeira Taster

£8 • Friends £6

Originally created by African slaves in Brazil, Capoeira is a physical discipline which combines self-defence, dance, music, acrobatics and martial arts. Join instructors Mestrando and Lua from Oficina Da Capoeira England for a unique taster session that will introduce you to the rich traditions of Capoeira. This fun and lively session encompasses physical and musical/percussive elements and is a great opportunity to learn something new! For ages 7+

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Wed 20
10am - 10:45am

dancing together first dance steps liberating fun ballet

Parent & Toddler Dance Taster

£12 • Friends £10

Our lovely bubbly dance teacher Marie-Louise Flexen leads this heart-warming session, perfect for you and your little one. This exploration of music and dance is a great way to learn how to communicate through movement and will introduce you to some basic dance and ballet techniques.

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Sat 23
10am - 1pm

techniques play with light manipulation effects illusions

Time Lord Photography

£16 • Friends £14

This fun workshop presents a series of processes which play with light, colour and time to create multiple fascinating results. These clever photography tricks create deceptive, ghostly images that play with reality and provide hours of fun for any young person interested in photography and camera work. Bring along a torch and any device that can take a picture and soon you will be lost in a world of visionary illusions. For ages 9-13.

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