Heart & Soul - a whole body wellbeing experience

Sat 9 October 10am - 4pm

£72/£69(c) • Friends £70/£67(c)
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With winter’s chills just around the corner and having lived through something of an existential challenge over the past couple of years, one way or another our minds and bodies have been through the wringer a bit. So we’ve teamed up with the brilliant folks over at The Pulse, Dursley to bring you a day which is all about rebuilding, rejuvenating and fortifying body, spirit and mind by focusing on breathing and gentle exercise, meditation and aromatherapy (blending oils and elixirs to create products for use throughout the coming seasons).

Karen Keniry leads our Hatha Yoga session, guiding you through a flow of gentle movements to promote flexibility, strength and inner peace. Suitable for all levels of fitness and agility, Karen’s session actively encourages your body to lead the way, creating synergy between the body and mind, balancing energies and bringing you back to wholeness.

A gloriously calming meditation from Julie Brindle is infused with Reiki and Golden Ray Healing. You’ll be exploring and connecting to your higher-self to discover total relaxation, releasing tension and internal pressure to promote a glorious sense of well-being. Julie’s guided meditation is suitable for all levels.

To complete the day, you’ll be working with Kelly Allan from Happy Holistics to discover the intoxicating power of aromatherapy and will be mixing your own blends to create a bespoke body oil (or gel) as well as an aroma roller (to use on pressure points to help soothe, detoxify and invigorate). Aromatherapy and some of the essential oils can have a potent effect on the body. If you're expecting please be sure to share your happy news with Kelly before starting work with the essential oils at the start of today's session.

The price of today’s course includes a delicious homemade lunch from The Vestry Café, infused with the warming Morrocan spices of summer there are tempting tasties for those who eat chicken and also a super-healthy vegan option.

Don't miss this wholehearted treat for the body and mind. You deserve it. Why not book up with your family or friends for the perfect day of self-care!

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