Weekly Classes

Lino Shorts

Tue 7pm - 8pm Starts 2 March

£45/£42(c) • Friends £43/£41(c) • Material Pack £22

Introducing a brand new introductory course in lino printing with Beth Jenkins which will be delivered virtually over Zoom so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Over the course of the five sessions you will gain a really good grounding in the techniques needed to become an accomplished lino printer as you learn a wide range of techniques that should help you to eventually make professional quality lino prints. You will also be shown a broad selection of work by other lino artists to help inspire you.

Booking close on Tuesday 23rd Feb to allow time for postage of materials. (Please include your address in the comments box upon booking).

(If you are new to using Zoom or would like any help with set up just email education@prema.org.uk)


1  Basic cutting techniques.        

2  Designing for print.                  

3. Printing.                                      

4. Registration.                              

5. Next steps.                                



You will be provided with a pack which contains specialised printmaking paper, newsprint, tracing paper, wax free transfer paper, easycut lino, registration board and a non slip mat.  This will be enough for all 5 sessions. 

You will need to supply your own cutting tools, roller and waterbased black relief ink. 

A good quality, medium priced selection would be Schmincke College Ink in Black, Abig Lino cutting Set, 10cm or 15cm soft black or blue handled roller.  

We can supply these for £22 to include postage (simply add 'material pack' to your order upon booking) or you will be able to find these at most art shops. Cheaper tools, ink and rollers are absolutely fine but if you get bitten by the printmaking bug you will be likely to want to upgrade in the future.


You will also need

  • a firm surface to work on, in good light
  • masking tape
  • soft pencil (2b or more)
  • a fine permanent marker, such as a lumocolour or sharpie or a black biro
  • a palette knife (an old credit card cut in half will do)
  • scissors and/or craft knife
  • wooden spoon or baren or lid of a jar
  • a wiping cloth
  • something untextured to roll ink up on (a large tile, piece of glass, acrylic or plastic or a piece of varnished wood or shiny cardboard)