Sarah Gwyer

29 Jun - 27 Aug

Free entry

Through her dazzling and impressive body of work, textile artist Sarah Gwyer, brings embroidery to new, dizzy heights, surprise us with what is achievable using just a needle and thread! Embroidery is often overlooked as a fine art despite its historical significance and the time and skill it requires to create. Sarah enjoys the challenge of using a hugely time-consuming method to depict a quickly changing society and world around her.

Originally from Newent in the Forest of Dean, it always seemed inevitable that Sarah would end up working in the creative, visual arts. After studying fine art in Cardiff, she headed to London to study a Masters in printmaking at the University of the Arts. Having always been something of a magpie, Sarah’s attention was captured by the shiniest of beads which she incorporated into her my prints. It was only a matter of time before the stitched elements took over!

Sarah’s influences are varied from personal experiences; pop artists like James Rosenquist to graphic design and television series. It all comes together to create work on the themes of consumerism, commercialism, and sociology, often using celebrities to do so.

Since graduating in 2008 Sarah has exhibited regularly and is a loud-and-proud member of the Society for Embroidered Work. She now works from my studio in Cirencester which allows her to juggle being a mum of two very busy boys with her creative practice.

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