Wire Robin

Thu 2 December 7pm - 9pm

£40/£37(c) • Friends £38/£35(c)

We’re thrilled to welcome back our lovely friend and glorious wirestress (yeah, we made up that word) Celia Smith to lead this evening’s festive ornithological special workshop. Tonight, you’ll be turning your attention to the nation’s favourite bird – the humble, red-breasted robin. Use an assortment of copper and steel wire along with a selection of reclaimed wire including telephone cabling to fashion the most adorable little wire fellla. Celia is on hand throughout the session to give an initial demo and then plenty of help and support as you create your bird. Begin by creating a simple wire framework and then weave through different colours and textures to bring the design to life. Do bring along some pics of a robin to help otherwise you’ll be using your imaginations to create your flight of fancy. Coo … just think – this year your wire robin might be sitting atop your Christmas tree. A right chirpy little fella he’ll be!